Monday, February 1, 2010

Eat from the Pantry Challenge Update 2/1

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Just wanted to give a quick update on the Eat from the Pantry Challenge being hosted by and The Pantry Challenge has been great. My freezer is getting emptied and so is my pantry! I've still got a lot in there, though, so I'm going to keep going, even though the official Challenge is over. Once I finish the Challenge (whenever I feel that my freezer is sufficiently empty!), I'll start once-a-month-cooking. I'm really looking forward to it!

Monday, 1/25-MOPS!
Breakfast: oatmeal for me, 2 NutriGrain bars for Emily
Lunch: chicken torta at Alfredo's
Supper: leftovers

Tuesday, 1/26
Breakfast: cereal for me, Emily didn't want to eat
Lunch: enchiladas (school lunch) for me and Phillip; crackers, cheese & fruit for Emily
Supper: leftover pizza for me; yogurt for Emily

Wednesday, 1/27
Breakfast: cereal for me and Phillip, 2 NutriGrain bars for Emily
Lunch: Chick-fil-A for me and Emily
Supper: poached eggs and sausage balls

Thursday, 1/28
Breakfast: cereal for me and Phillip, yogurt for Emily
Lunch: leftovers
Supper: Italian dressing chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Friday, 1/29
Breakfast: cereal & zucchini bread for me; yogurt and NutriGrain bar for Emily
Lunch: chicken sandwiches, french fries & tater tots
Supper: penne with spaghetti sauce for me, penne with garlic butter for Emily (I think she got a better deal!)

Saturday, 1/30
Breakfast: cereal for me, Nutrigrain bars for Emily
Lunch: steak, baked potato and garlic toast at Phillip's parents' house
Supper: leftovers

Sunday, 1/31
Breakfast: cereal and cinnamon bread for me and Phillip, Yogurt and cinnamon bread for Emily
Lunch: Sonic
Supper: chili cook-off at church

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