Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

Today is Emily's 20 month birthday. (She really is happy, but this is the best picture I could get!) We've had quite a bit of fun!

Out plan today was to meet for coffee with a friend this morning then do some running around and meet my dad for lunch. However, as you'll see from the pictures below, we decided to postpone (at least until the afternoon).
(fountain still founting!)

So, this morning, we made cookies!

Now that the roads aren't as bad and Grandpa's home for the day (ACU closed at noon), we're going to head out for lunch and our errands.


Jenni said...

so fun!!!

Lana said...

Yummy cookies! And errands all run -eventually! Another fun day!

Beccalynn said...

She is so pretty!!!