Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 weeks

This week has been fairly "normal" for us. We had MOPS on Monday and I'm getting used to being the last one to leave because of needing to take care of Anna before we leave.

Recently, Emily has liked to take off her clothes. She generally won't put her pants back on after her nap and I'm okay with that. The other day, she and Papa came in and this is what she looked like.

Wednesday, after Pearlie had suggested it on Tuesday, I put Emily's hair in a ponytail for the first time. She looked so different! I didn't get a shot of her facing forward, but you can see how grown up she looks from the side!

Finally, Anna turned 6 weeks today. She still eats and sleeps well and is starting to follow things with her eyes. Her neck is getting so strong and soon we'll be able to pull the Bumbo out!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 weeks

Anna's fifth week was fairly uneventful, but it was not our typical week. Monday, we met Phillip's parents and grandparents at Bogie's for lunch. While there, we saw some friends from Coleman who had the day off and decided to come eat lunch. So good to see the Paynes and the Paynes!

Thursday is our normal shopping day, but it was terribly cold (in the 30s all day) so we stayed in and played. Friday, however, we went to HEB and Emily insisted that we go to Bogie's for lunch, like we usually do after grocery shopping. The Virginia City was very tasty!

Also on Thursday, Anna took a nap on her back for the first time. She had a hard time going to sleep, but eventually did and slept for a while. It seems that her reflux is much better, as she doesn't spit up every time I feed her or every time I lay her down. Yea!

Another first on Thursday was Anna's first bottle. We wanted to get her used to the idea of milk from a bottle. Since I had some in the freezer, it was convenient. Phillip fed it to her and, while it came out much faster than she's used to, she did okay. She took about an ounce from the bottle. So, we'll keep trying that on occasion when it's convenient, just so we have that option.

Yesterday, Anna went clothes shopping with me and my mom while Emily went shopping with Papa and Grandpa. It was a long day, but nice to be out and about.

That's about it for now. We get back into a routine of MOPS this week. Yea! I've missed the girls at my table!
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Sunday afternoon

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

A couple weeks ago we started using cloth diapers. I'm seeing this in the house a lot! I use the dryer a little, but mostly I just let them line dry. I love using the sun as a bleach to get out poop stains so some go outside for that. Mostly, though, with this cooler weather, I'm letting them dry inside.

I waited until her cord fell off and have been using them ever since...even when we're out. They're just as easy as disposable, though they do take up more room in the diaper bag. But, it's so nice not to have to pay for diapers every time we go to the store!

Each month, I'll take a picture to put in the frame we bought from Time Frames. I got Emily's at a consignment sale and, wow, it was a lot cheaper! But, we wanted to continue that for Anna, so we spent the money. This wasn't this month's winning picture, but I wanted to share it anyway because it was just too cute!

Once again, I've been reminded how much Emily and Anna look alike. Any guesses on who's who?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1 month

One month old. Anna is one month old. Wow, where has the time gone? Seems like she's been here forever, and yet not long at all. In this short one month, she has gained 2 lb 13 oz (yes, she's 9 lb now!) and 1". So, as much as she spits up, she's keeping something down! That seems to be better today, though. I even put her down for a nap on her back today and she didn't spit up. She didn't sleep well, but she didn't spit up!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

4 weeks

Anna always has a question!

Has it really been 4 weeks? It's hard to believe how much our lives have changed and yet not changed. Anna continues to grow as we manage her reflux. Yes, it's still there, but I don't notice it too much most of the time because we never lay her flat on her back. She probably has a couple "episodes" a day where her spit up seems painful to her. Other than that, it's not too bad.

She doesn't always nap well in her pack n play, but will nap really well in my arms! We're working on that.

She starting to hold her head up really well and is starting to follow us with her eyes. She can also stand a little if you're really holding on to her. It's so neat to relive all these moments!

Emily & Papa sharing a tea party with her new tea set, courtesy of Laurie (Thanks, Laurie...she loves it!)

I know this picture looks similar to the first one, but I just had to include it to show you the shoes she's wearing. They're just a couple inches long and so cute. They're made for 0-6 weeks. Yes, weeks!! She's wearing them to church until they don't fit!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 weeks

Anna is 3 weeks old today. It has gone by so quickly! So many people have asked if Anna & Emily look alike. I wanted to show you just how much they do!



Just a fun picture I wanted to share with you. The dress was Emily's, but the leggings are all Anna's!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2 Weeks

My first official post about Anna...

Today, she had her 2 week check up. She weighed 7 lb 6 oz and was 20.5" long. (Birth weight was 6 lb 3 oz and length was 19".) I think they measured her length differently from the hospital because I really don't think she grew 1.5" in 2 weeks. Oh well. As long as the doctor's office is consistent from now on, we'll be okay.

I asked about her reflux and it's not bad enough to do anything special about. Just keep doing what we're doing...keep her elevated after eating, limit how much she eats...and she should outgrow it in a few months, hopefully.

Another good thing, she's caught up with the rest of the world and is now cordless! Yea! Now we can start real baths and cloth diapers. I hope our diapers fit her!

Chillin' on the couch with Mommy & Papa. Until now, we've been a little hesitant to put her in the bouncy seat, as she spit up when we put her in it the first time. But, I've used it today (after letting her stomach settle for a little bit) and she's been just fine. Yea! I don't have to wear her all the time (though I think I still will a lot because it will keep Emily's hands off her!).