Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 weeks

This week has been fairly "normal" for us. We had MOPS on Monday and I'm getting used to being the last one to leave because of needing to take care of Anna before we leave.

Recently, Emily has liked to take off her clothes. She generally won't put her pants back on after her nap and I'm okay with that. The other day, she and Papa came in and this is what she looked like.

Wednesday, after Pearlie had suggested it on Tuesday, I put Emily's hair in a ponytail for the first time. She looked so different! I didn't get a shot of her facing forward, but you can see how grown up she looks from the side!

Finally, Anna turned 6 weeks today. She still eats and sleeps well and is starting to follow things with her eyes. Her neck is getting so strong and soon we'll be able to pull the Bumbo out!


Jim said...

Great update, as usual!

Jenni said...

definitely need more pics of E's new hairstyle next time you do it... :-)