Friday, June 25, 2010

Drumroll, please!

It's time for the big announcement! I am happy to tell you that the business that we're buying is...Bogie's in downtown Abilene. Phillip will start working sometime next week (or so) and we will take ownership on August 1. Be sure to come visit us!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Years Ago

Two years ago today, Emily and I (and my mom) left Mesquite for the last time. Today, Emily and I left Panther Creek for the last time. Although we didn't make many friends in the past two years, leaving was still bittersweet. It's been home for the past two years. That's where Emily learned how to do everything she can do now (pretty much). It was really her first home.

Two years ago tomorrow, Phillip joined us in Abilene after having stayed with the movers as they loaded our stuff on the truck. Tomorrow, Phillip will join us in Abilene after having stayed today to load up our GoMinis container (and will continue loading tomorrow in another container...we have a lot of stuff!). Thankfully, this time, we had friends who could stay to help Phillip load. Emily and I certainly didn't need to be there!

I think the biggest difference between two years ago and now is that two years ago we had a home to settle into immediately. Now, we're temporarily settling into my parents' house until our house is available August 1. Plus, I came "home" to an empty parents are on the Highland Church of Christ youth mission trip in New Mexico this week. Good and bad, I guess. It sure made today a lot harder, because I've been alone with Emily trying to unpack and settle. On the other hand, it's not too bad because we can settle without feeling like we're being watched. (Sorry, Mom and Daddy, but that's probably what it would have been like!)

So, as I think about how things were two years ago, moving with an 11 day old, and today, moving with a 2 year old, I'm not really sure which is better. On the one hand, an 11 day old doesn't move much and can't get into things. On the other hand, with a two year old, you feel like you can move around and do things. (Moms out there, you know what I mean!)

Well, it's been a long day of moving around constantly, so I think I'll go rest a bit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Cake Roundup

Life As Mom is hosting a Birthday Cake Roundup featuring fun birthday cakes that readers have made. Go check it out here and see if you recognize one of them! You can even enter one yourself to win a $15 gift certificate from Bake It Pretty.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday Party

Today was Emily's birthday party. She is in love with balloons right now, so we went with it.

The icing ran a bit after I got it out of the freezer, but the cake looked good anyway. Lesson learned, don't put it in the freezer after it's iced, even if the kitchen is a sauna!

Enjoying a cookie with Grandpa. She liked the cake, but loved the cookies!

She got a folding chair from Grandma and Grandpa and loves it! It will be great for vacation!

Emily's favorite gift...from Aunt Jenni, of course! She would ride for hours if we'd let her!

Emily and Reagan love each other. Emily wanted to give Reagan a kiss and a hug!

Family pictures

It was a fun day. Everyone enjoyed it and Emily had a great time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We're still looking for someone (in Abilene!) to be a foster parent to a half Newfoundland, half lab/chow for 6-8 weeks from mid-June to the end of July (roughly). He's a good-natured dog and we'll pay for his food (or course!). If you or someone you know could help us, let me know!!

Today, Emily is 2! I can't believe it. All day, we're looking at the clock, thinking, "at this time, we were {fill in the blank}." At about this time (11:15 am), I think I had pain medication (not an epidural yet) and was really out of it. I'll make sure to ask for something other than that pain medication next time!

Anyway, we're celebrating tomorrow with family and lots of balloons. I'll try to get the pictures up as soon as I can. But, being in the process of moving tends to slow things down, so be patient!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May Farm

Yesterday our MOPS group went to May Farm for a playdate. Emily enjoyed seeing the animals and wanted to feed them, but couldn't keep her hand flat without the food rolling off. So, we compromised. She pointed to the animal she wanted to feed and I fed it.

After we fed the animals one cup of food, Emily decided she needed a snack. So, she stood and ate snacks for most of the rest of the time.

The bigger kids were getting to hold guinea pigs and rabbits and baby chicks. Emily wanted to hold a chick, too, so once a chair opened up, I got her sat down with a towel in her lap and she got to hold the chick. That was about the stillest and calmest I have seen her in a long time!

We finished off the day with a picnic with friends. It was a fun day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I know I haven't posted much except for meal plans lately. I just haven't had the time. Between packing and Emily starting to act 2 (probably because of the packing!) I just haven't thought much about the blog. Perhaps this summer will provide more topics. We'll be living in Abilene and maybe doing more activities before we move into our house in early August. I'm excited about the future, but anxious about the present. There's just so much to do and feels like so little time. I know, I know. It will all work out. There's a lot more to buying a business than I ever imagined!!