Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We're still looking for someone (in Abilene!) to be a foster parent to a half Newfoundland, half lab/chow for 6-8 weeks from mid-June to the end of July (roughly). He's a good-natured dog and we'll pay for his food (or course!). If you or someone you know could help us, let me know!!

Today, Emily is 2! I can't believe it. All day, we're looking at the clock, thinking, "at this time, we were {fill in the blank}." At about this time (11:15 am), I think I had pain medication (not an epidural yet) and was really out of it. I'll make sure to ask for something other than that pain medication next time!

Anyway, we're celebrating tomorrow with family and lots of balloons. I'll try to get the pictures up as soon as I can. But, being in the process of moving tends to slow things down, so be patient!


Jenni said...

cutie!!! see you in a few hours! love, aunt jenni

Anonymous said...

Heather, she is very pretty!