Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Post

Check out my guest post on Money Saving Mom. I might have posted this sooner, but I didn't want to spoil the Christmas gift for my sister!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Year Old!

I can't believe Anna is one year old. It seems like she just joined us, but it also seems like she's been with us forever. Unfortunately, she was not able to enjoy her birthday much. From last Thursday to Tuesday, she had fevers ranging from 100 to 103.7. Yikes! No known cause, just made her more cuddly and less likely to eat. I'm trying to get her started on solid foods again today. We'll see.

At her appointment on Tuesday (check up, but also to see about her fevers), she weighed 16 pounds and was 28.5". A little peanut to be sure, but happy as all get out! (Well, unless she has a fever!)

To celebrate her birthday, we had family over and I made the traditional lamb cake. (Everyone as far back as at least my mom and aunt (and maybe their cousins) have had a lamb cake for their first birthday. Sure makes picking a theme easy!) Anna wouldn't even touch the cake, much less eat any. But, she did enjoy  unwrapping the presents.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

52 weeks

Anna's in her pjs, as she has been most of the day. Since Thursday, she's had a fever of 100 or higher (up to 102.5 this afternoon). While I love the cuddles I'm getting, I hate that she has fever. I think it's just from teething because she's mostly acting normal, though not eating normal. We had her birthday party yesterday (post coming!) and she just didn't enjoy it as she should have. :-( Hopefully this will be over soon!

I'll post her 1 year stats after her doctor appointment on Wednesday.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

51 weeks

Is that right? 51 weeks? Anna still seems so much like a baby. But, she's walking now! (Need to get some better shoes for her...her feet are smaller than Emily's were when she started walking!)

Speaking of walking, she got her first walking injury today. At church, she fell and cut her eye. But, she was a trooper. I'm not sure she even cried! It doesn't look too bad now. Just a little red and a little swollen. Hopefully, since we got ice on it pretty quick, that's all it will be! (Of course, this happened just days before all her 1 year pictures! Oh, well!)

She's starting to eat table foods, but we still spoon feed her cereal and other veggies & fruits (with meat mixed in!). I guess it's time to start feeding her breakfast! Until now, she's just had cheerios, if she's even awake for breakfast since she's still nursing. But, I'll try to find something (maybe baked oatmeal?) that she can feed herself. (Nutrigrain bars were great for Emily, but they have milk in them. I have found some recipes online to try, though.)

And, I wanted to include Emily in this post, too! She's such a good big sister. She really looks out for Anna and lets me know when Anna's getting into something she shouldn't. Such a helper!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

50 weeks and other stuff

Anna continues to take more and more steps. I think she'll be walking by her birthday. She's had a few stomach issues lately leading me to think she has an issue with large quantities of grapes. No big surprise...Emily did too.

Friday night, Highland had a Mother & Daughter Mad Hatter Tea Party. Emily and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had tea party food (she loved the cupcake that said "Eat Me"), made hats, painted tea cups and Emily painted our fingernails (mine & hers!). Then we got to watch a little of Alice in Wonderland, but I think she wasn't quite ready for that yet. Maybe next year.

Saturday morning, we went to Breakfast with Santa at Westgate Church of Christ where Robert & Lauren go. As you can see, I got a picture of the girls with Santa. :-) Typical! But, I also got 2 great pictures of the girls and Emily made frames for them to go in on the tree.

Mom and I spent a couple hours yesterday getting food and the house ready for our annual Christmas party. It's nice to be able to share that responsibility!

Tonight we're off to a Christmas program at the Paramount. I can't wait to see what Brandon has put together!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

49 weeks

Thanksgiving was so much fun that I forgot to post Anna's picture. And, somewhere in there, Anna cut a tooth that I just found today! No wonder she's been grumpy! She's starting to take more steps at a time. She may be walking by her first birthday, in just a couple weeks. Wow!

This picture shows her new thing...holding out her hand to you. So cute!