Saturday, December 3, 2011

50 weeks and other stuff

Anna continues to take more and more steps. I think she'll be walking by her birthday. She's had a few stomach issues lately leading me to think she has an issue with large quantities of grapes. No big surprise...Emily did too.

Friday night, Highland had a Mother & Daughter Mad Hatter Tea Party. Emily and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had tea party food (she loved the cupcake that said "Eat Me"), made hats, painted tea cups and Emily painted our fingernails (mine & hers!). Then we got to watch a little of Alice in Wonderland, but I think she wasn't quite ready for that yet. Maybe next year.

Saturday morning, we went to Breakfast with Santa at Westgate Church of Christ where Robert & Lauren go. As you can see, I got a picture of the girls with Santa. :-) Typical! But, I also got 2 great pictures of the girls and Emily made frames for them to go in on the tree.

Mom and I spent a couple hours yesterday getting food and the house ready for our annual Christmas party. It's nice to be able to share that responsibility!

Tonight we're off to a Christmas program at the Paramount. I can't wait to see what Brandon has put together!

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