Sunday, December 11, 2011

51 weeks

Is that right? 51 weeks? Anna still seems so much like a baby. But, she's walking now! (Need to get some better shoes for her...her feet are smaller than Emily's were when she started walking!)

Speaking of walking, she got her first walking injury today. At church, she fell and cut her eye. But, she was a trooper. I'm not sure she even cried! It doesn't look too bad now. Just a little red and a little swollen. Hopefully, since we got ice on it pretty quick, that's all it will be! (Of course, this happened just days before all her 1 year pictures! Oh, well!)

She's starting to eat table foods, but we still spoon feed her cereal and other veggies & fruits (with meat mixed in!). I guess it's time to start feeding her breakfast! Until now, she's just had cheerios, if she's even awake for breakfast since she's still nursing. But, I'll try to find something (maybe baked oatmeal?) that she can feed herself. (Nutrigrain bars were great for Emily, but they have milk in them. I have found some recipes online to try, though.)

And, I wanted to include Emily in this post, too! She's such a good big sister. She really looks out for Anna and lets me know when Anna's getting into something she shouldn't. Such a helper!

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