Wednesday, March 25, 2009

41 weeks

(Don't forget about the Great MOMS Walk. More details here.)

Yesterday was Emily's 9 month check-up. No shots! Yea! Here are her current stats.

Height: 27.25" (50th percentile)
Weight: 15 lb, 9 oz (10th percentile)
Head circumference: 43 cm (25th percentile)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stocking up

(Don't forget about the Great MOMS Walk. More details here.)

Last weekend Phillip, Emily & I spent a few days in Abilene. I had given Phillip a dinner at Towne Crier for Valentine's Day and we were finally getting to use it! Besides that, I needed to stock my new freezer! While it's not completely full, it's well on its way and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to keep both freezers in use and organized. So far, I think I'll be pulling a week's worth of food into the small freezer inside and leaving the big bags of stuff outside. I don't know how well that will work, but it's my plan for now. If you have any better ideas for using a freezer that is outside and, therefore, not conveniently accessible, let me know!


In stocking the freezer, I knew I needed to do some price checking. I had already planned to make a price book of some sort (got the idea from Lynley...thanks!) so this was my opportunity. I only have the time to shop at Wal-Mart and Sam's so those were the two places I shopped. I did find that some things were cheaper at Wal-Mart which I expected to be cheaper at Sam's. Here's where things were cheaper, for those who care.

Frozen produce:
mixed fruit-Sam's
triple berries-Sam's

Dairy (all by a long shot!):
Monterrey Jack-Sam's

chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)-Sam's
turkey breast lunchmeat-Sam's
salmon filets-WM
sausage-Sam's (barely)
frozen shrimp-WM
smoked sausage-Sam's

chocolate chips-Sam's
extra light olive oil-Sam's
OJ-about the same either place

Paper Products:
gallon zipper bags-Sam's (for Ziplock vs. Great Value brand!)
quart zipper bags-Sam's (for Ziplock vs. Great Value brand!)
sandwich zipper bags-Sam's (for Ziplock vs. Great Value brand!)

Gerber 2nd foods-Sam's (by a lot!)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I love entering contests. I always have. I remember entering the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes (back when you had to mail them in). It was a good lesson in reading the fine print. So, since I've been cloth diapering, I try to enter cloth diaper giveaways, hoping that one day I might win, but knowing I probably won't. Friday, I was checking email and saw that some people had commented on my blog about me winning at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. I went over to the site and found this:

I had actually won! What did I win? I won

I had been wanting to try the BumGenius one size diapers and had, in fact, just purchased one from a mama at DiaperSwappers. So, yea! I get four diapers for the price of one. Yea, me!

(Don't forget about the Great MOMS Walk. More details below.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Great MOMS Walk 2009

As you know, I am a mother of a preschooler (see picture)! I have been part of an amazing organization called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for the last year at Highland Church of Christ in Abilene. Every year around this time, MOPS organizes a Great MOMS Walk to help our local chapter raise MOPS awareness, gather new and potential moms, raise money, and impact the community with the message that “...Mothering Matters.” (This year, the walk is on April 18.)

Mothering does matter and I truly want to be the best mom I can be. MOPS exists to meet the needs of every mom–urban, suburban and rural; stay at home and working moms; teen, single and married moms; moms who may be different but all share a similar desire to be the best mom they can be through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through MOPS, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to give encouraging, loving and edifying other mothers in our group and receiving that as well. MOPS has truly been a blessing to me because of the lack of community we live in (the nearest town is 18 miles away). I look forward to every meeting we have and really miss the connection when we don’t have meetings! Unfortunately, some mothers cannot afford to join our amazing group. I want to help make scholarships available to them, continue to provide quality care for our children during meetings, keep dues low and help those who require extra financial support. I can’t tell you the number of ladies who have needed a group like ours to walk alongside them through a recent life-changing event. The years between infancy and kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship, and are filled with unique needs. MOPS seeks to fulfill those needs through the glory of Jesus Christ.

The Great MOMS Walk is a time when we ask others to support us in any way they can–by donating, walking with us, or fundraising themselves. Even a small donation of $10 can make a huge difference in a mother’s life. I’m inviting you to join me in supporting Mothers of Preschoolers. Feel free to visit the official MOPS International website at or our local website at to get more information about this incredible ministry. You can make a donation online by accessing my personal fundraising page at If you want to donate, but don't want to do it online, email me and I'll send you my address. Please make checks payable to Highland MOPS. All donations are tax deductible. Don't forget to see if your company will match your gift! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

40 weeks

It's hard to believe this day has come. Emily's been in this world almost as long as she was inside me. Seems like much longer, but I guess that's because we've been watching her grow for all of those 40 weeks.

I was told I needed to show off my new freezer. Here are a couple pictures.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to Austin last weekend.

Kellie, Jake, Emily & I had fun (mostly at the house) while the guys were all at the Boys' State Basketball Tournament. Emily & Jake got along well (despite the wall between them!).

Saturday morning, the four of us headed out to the Austin Farmers' Market (in the 45 degree weather!). Emily got to wear the coat, hat & mittens my mom made for my sister many years ago. How cute!

I just can't resist taking pictures like this!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day be getting a new freezer! Actually, we bought it a couple weeks ago and they delivered it today. It doesn't have much in it yet, but, soon, I think it will be full!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 months, 39 weeks & a trip

I've been especially bad about blogging lately. I've had good intentions. I've even had posts written in my head. I've just been trying to stay away from the computer so I'm not on it too long at a time. Needless to say, a week has gone by and I've yet to update the blog. Oh well.

Here's what you really came for!

Today, Emily is 9 months old (and 39 weeks!). She's crawling all over the place (and quickly!), cruising a bit (if there's something really interesting at the other end of the couch), talking up a storm, and still sleeping and eating well. She's eating cereal (rice & oatmeal), yellow squash (a favorite), peas (not so much a favorite), carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples and bananas when I have them). 

Here, she's playing with her new Quiet Book that Pearlie made for her. She loves it. Now, it's been put away for the times when we go someplace and she needs to be quiet!

This weekend (actually, today) we're headed to Austin to visit friends and for Phillip and the guys to go to the Boys State Basketball Tournament. Phillip's been going for the past 5 years or so (except last year when they all went to the NCAA tournament). It's something he really enjoys and I know he needs the time with the guys so I encourage him to go. This year, Emily & I get to go and hang out with Kellie and Jake while the boys have their fun. I'm so excited!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

38 weeks

Our little munchkin is getting to be a busy girl! She's crawling everywhere with great speed, pulling up on anything she can and trying to cruise. She'll let go of furniture occasionally and be up for a second or two before sitting down. I'm not sure I'm ready for this!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Emily's room

I finally finished Emily's room! Had we not moved, it might have been mostly done before she was born. However, we did move so, now, 8 months later, it's finished!!



Obviously, by the look on Emily's face, she likes it too!