Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

Ok, I know most folks from the Abilene area posted about their snow days yesterday. But, because of the snow the basketball game that Phillip was going to last night was postponed so I didn't have quite as much free time as I planned. So, here's our snow day.

Emily was quite excited and wanted to go out before breakfast. Here are a few pictures I took. It looks like the second one is a bit fuzzy, but, actually, that's the snow coming down!

After breakfast, Emily wanted to go back out, so we bundled back up (thanks, Leah, for the snowsuit!) and headed back out for a while.

After Papa got home at 10:45 (school let out at 10:30, we went out again after lunch. This time we took videos. (There really isn't much sound, so you're not missing anything.) She loves going up and down the steps at our neighbors house and we do that on a regular basis. I guess she likes them better because they are open on both sides, but whatever the case, she sure loves them!

One other thing....Emily started saying "Papa" yesterday. She doesn't always say it and we have to prod her, but it's a huge milestone for her!


Jenni said...

YAY for PAPA!!!! So looks so cute bundled up! How fun!

Lana said...

So glad you have a great snowsuit so y'all could have so much fun in the snow! So excited that she's saying Papa!

Jim said...

I knew she was trying to say P's, but didn't know how to put it together.

Looks like fun in the snow!