Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat from the Pantry Challenge Update 1/25

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Just wanted to give a quick update on the Eat from the Pantry Challenge being hosted by and So far, I've spent $XX on food and $XX on non-food stuff. What a savings!

Monday, 1/18
Breakfast: sausage & egg bake, chunky monkey bread (chocolate chip banana bread)
Lunch: eat out at Chili's
Supper: leftover hot dogs

Tuesday, 1/19
Breakfast: cereal & banana bread for me; banana bread and yogurt for Emily
Lunch: leftover hamburgers for me and Phillip; yogurt for Emily
Supper: poached eggs and sausage balls

Wednesday, 1/20
Breakfast: cereal & zucchini bread for me; cereal for Phillip; craisins for Emily (having a rough day today)
Lunch: leftover party wienies & potato salad for me; craisins and crackers for Emily (still having a rough day)
Supper: Angel Hair Pasta Chicken, garlic bread

Thursday, 1/21
Breakfast: cereal for Phillip, cereal & zucchini bread for me, 2 NutriGrain bars for Emily
Lunch: hot dogs for Phillip; Scholotzsky's for me and Emily
Supper: leftovers

Friday, 1/22
Breakfast: cereal for Phillip, cereal and banana bread for me, 2 NutriGrain bars for Emily
Lunch: hamburgers & Cheetos (school lunch) for me and Phillip; crackers and scrambled egg for Emily
Supper: Angel food meal

Saturday, 1/23
Breakfast: cereal for Phillip, Cream of Wheat for me, yogurt for Emily
Lunch: chicken fried deer steak, leftover veggie mac & cheese
Supper: Chicken Risotto, blueberries/strawberries/pineapple, toast

Sunday, 1/24
Breakfast: eggs & sausage, banana bread
Lunch: Sonic
Supper: oatmeal for me and Emily, leftovers for Phillip

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