Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm a few days late on my post about Anna at 11 weeks. I have good reason. She and I went to Granbury last weekend for a girls weekend with my dear friend Cara. We only get together once a year, but it seems like we've been together every day. I love friends like that!

Before we left, I had to take a picture of Anna in her new outfit. (I've done that with all the girls' new outfits so one day I'll remember who they were from...maybe!) Emily insists on having her picture made with Anna so after getting Anna alone, I got this picture.

Here is Anna at 11 weeks, 3 days. A few days late, but that's okay. It's been a bit crazy! Yes, she's smiling...something she likes doing these days. And, last night, she laughed for the first time. I can't always get her to do it, but if I tickle her just right, she'll laugh just a little. So precious!

Over the weekend (actually after we got back), we figured out that Anna is allergic to almonds, as well as milk. I used 19 burp cloths in 3 days. Not good! So, one more thing to eliminate. No more almond milk!

Today we didn't have much going on, so we headed up to see Granddaddy. I wanted to tell him about my weekend in Granbury (he and Grandmommy lived there for about 26 years) and, of course, he loves to see the girls.

That's all for now. This weekend is going to be a bit hectic, so say a prayer for us, please!

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Jenni said...

Anna looks a little like she is getting squished by Emily! Glad you had a good weekend away. Hope this one goes smoothly!