Friday, February 25, 2011

Some cuteness

Just some cuteness from this week.

Emily wanted some music yesterday morning and I caught her doing this.

Emily in a box. A little different than the "Emily in a box" from August of 2008!

Thank you Aunt Jenni for my new leg warmers! They're so cute and they fit great!!

Which one is Emily and which one is Anna?

How about this one?

Yet another one...

And one more little quiz...


Jim said...

Very cute! Not sure about that last picture set.

Jim said...

Great pictures.

Lana said...

Oh my! Isn't Emily having fun dancing!

I can tell the girls apart - except for the sleeping profile! Wow!

Jenni said...

so fun!! I love the dancing and how she had to line up on the edge of the carpet!

I can tell them all apart....the last set is tricky, but I think I know.