Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 months/9 weeks


Anna turned 2 months yesterday. Today, she also turned 9 weeks, so you get 2 pictures of her today.

I got a couple cute pictures of the girls on Valentine's Day. Emily got to wear her pjs to MOPS and was so excited about it.

Anna got a chance to spend some time in the Bumbo this week. She does okay for a few minutes, but then falls to the side. Oh well.

Anna had her 2 month checkup on Friday and she is now 10 lb 2 oz (25%) and 22.5" long (50%). She is in good health and got her 2 month immunizations.

Much to my happiness and dismay, we've discovered a cause for her reflux. She appears to be allergic, or at least sensitive, to milk. I have been off cow's milk for a week and she has not been spitting up near as much. Last night, I indulged in a creamy chocolate dessert and she spit up like she always had. So, I guess it's no dairy for me. I've been happy with soy milk, but need to figure out what other substitutions I can make for things like butter and cheese. Any suggestions?

Yesterday, we gave Anna some tummy time, something she doesn't often get, and she rolled over! From her tummy to her back. So exciting! I guess I need to let her get down on the floor a little more often.

Today was Anna's baby blessing at church. A sweet time with family surrounding us. I love having grandparents close by!

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