Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 weeks

Anna is practicing her cheers for the Super Bowl

As I mentioned before, this has been an unusual week. Monday night and Tuesday brought ice and snow to Abilene. Four inches of snow! By Tuesday afternoon, we had some lovely icicles on our house. According to Debbie (see below), we win for the best icicles!

Yesterday, Debbie of Pure Photography came to our house to take pictures. You might remember that Debbie took pictures of Emily at 6 weeks and at 1 year. I just love her pictures! Debbie was such a good sport and let Emily "tate pitures" with "Mommy's tamra."

Emily also snapped a few shots of Anna. This one was pretty good!

After lunch, Anna fell asleep hard enough for me to get a few pictures for her birth announcement. Here are a few of my favorites. One made it to the announcement. I'll let you figure out which one!


Jenni said...

wow - those are some icicles!! cute pics....can't wait to see more!

Jenni said...

p.s. love Emily's "snow shoes"

Heather said...

The snow suit was great, but a little short in the legs. Nothing plastic shopping bags couldn't fix!

Anonymous said...

the four appendage cheer photo?