Friday, October 24, 2008

Our week(end) in review

The seniors were selling t-shirts to raise money. I needed a new Panther Creek t-shirt, so I bought one. It might be a bit big for Emily.

Friday night at the game, it was SO cold. But, we bundled up and enjoyed the 66-20 win over Brookesmith. Emily is showing off her new coat and hat that Phillip bought her in Waco a few weeks ago.

My cousin, Lauren, had a birthday party for her daughter last Saturday. Grandpa was trying to keep the sun off of Emily.

I decided Emily was ready for the Exersaucer...she loves it!

Every night, Phillip reads Emily a story right before bed. She's starting to really get into it sometimes. As you can see here, she is helping hold the touch-and-feel book she got from her Aunt Kim.

Back in August, we took a picture of Emily on my knees (you have to scroll to the end of the post to see the picture). Emily has grown a bit since then, but the expression is still the same.

Thanks for waiting on Blogger. I was so frustrated yesterday when I couldn't get this one up! More to come later!


Lana said...

I love seeing her Papa read to her!

Jenni said...

and he did GOOD on the coat and hat!!