Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 months

I'm a little late on this post because we spent the weekend at my parents' house (even though they weren't there!). Emily's 4 month birthday started with a present from Aunt Jenni--cute overalls (with an attached horse) and The Tale of the Three Trees (in board book form!).

We took Emily to get pictures taken at Sears. While it wasn't the best experience, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because it was middle of the day on Saturday. Next time I'll go on a weekday. We did end up getting a good picture so I'm thankful for that.

After the long "experience" at Sears, Emily was fussy, but slept on the way home to my parents' house. Because she was asleep when we got there, we decided that I would go to Walmart and Lowe's and Phillip would stay home with Emily. Well, we did that, but Emily wasn't exactly pleased with the arrangements. Phillip did okay for his first time alone with Emily, but did learn some lessons. I arrived home about 2 hours later and tried to calm her down, but she was so out of her routine that she was just fussy. I took her for a walk (in the Umbroller that my mom used for me and Jenni!) so Phillip could have a bit of calm. Neither she nor I slept well Saturday night.

Sunday, we enjoyed church at Highland then took Granddaddy to lunch. We tried to rest Sunday afternoon after going to JCPenney, but that didn't go very well either. We finally got smart and moved the crib into another room and everyone slept well Sunday night.

Monday was MOPS for me and Emily. Emily slept beautifully in Karen's arms so I was able to listen as Summer talked about birthday parties...planning, ideas, etc. I got a lot of ideas that I hope to use in the next few years.

Today brought a doctor appointment for Emily. She did great, even though we had to wait a long time. She weighs 13 lb 2 oz and is 25" long. She's growing so well! She got shots again, but didn't cry too much...I remembered to bring in her pacifier this time! She slept most of today and now we face the challenge of trying to give her vitamins every day. Tonight's attempt resulted in her throwing up what I had just fed her. I can't really blame her...I gag at the smell of the iron too. We'll try something different tomorrow night. (If you have any great success stories, I'd love to hear them! Our next attempt will be mixing the vitamins with milk in a bottle.)

And, now for the picture. What a cutie!


Jenni said...

the overalls look great - glad they fit!!! can't wait for my sweet emily time next week!

Cara said...

I was going to say mixing with milk. It worked for Zachary - he was the only one we had to put one iron.

Lana said...

The pictures are just too precious! She really looks in control on Mr. Snuggles!