Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our story, part 2

Mary over at Owlhaven is challenging her readers to tell their Love Stories for October. Since this was something I'd been meaning to write down and get into our wedding album for three years now, I figured this was just the motivation I needed. I don't want to overwhelm you (it's kind of long), so I'll put it up in installments. Here's the part 2 of our story! (See part 1 here.)

On March 9, 2004, Phillip cooked for me for the first time. I arrived a few minutes early (as usual) with three daffodils in hand. What I didn’t know was that Phillip had been dealing with a crisis just moments before I arrived. He had been preparing the table, taking out the leaf because he wanted to be as close to me as possible, when the legs fell apart. So, he’s standing there, about 15 minutes before I was supposed to arrive and had to figure out where we were going to eat. He got creative and set up the coffee table with pillows around it for us to sit on. We had spaghetti that night and it was wonderful!

At this point, we decided to make it official...we were dating. But, I laid down a ground rule...we would not kiss until we married. Fortunately, Phillip grudgingly agreed to it. Then, he went off to West Virginia for Spring Break with his parents to visit his dad’s family. His dad encouraged him to call me and I’m so glad he did!!

Over the next couple months, we continued seeing each other, going on dates, etc. By Easter (April 11, 2004), we were dating and had bought each other a small gift since we wouldn’t be together. (I was going to Abilene and he was going to Bronte.) I bought him a small stuffed bunny/duck with jelly beans attached and he bought me a Beanie Baby bear named Harmony.

part 3 to come later!

(If you choose to participate, leave a comment below so we can all read your story!)


Cara said...

I remember the flowers you brought and the coffee table dinner!!

Owlhaven said...

Great story--- thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for part three!