Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saving Supper Blog Carnival

I'm a sucker for posting comments on other people's blogs that link them here. So, I found the Saving Supper Blog Carnival on Jordan's blog and that took me to Save the Phillips Family. So, here goes.

I enjoy cooking. I make my menus for a couple weeks at a time so I know what I need to buy at the store on my twice a month grocery trip. My supper preparations usually start in the morning.  So, I just look at the calendar (yes, I have a calendar that tells me what we're having!) and make sure anything that needs to thaw is in the fridge. Depending on what's going on that evening, Phillip takes care of Emily while I'm cooking dinner. But, sometimes she has other plans and wants to eat while I need to be cooking. I've learned to be a little flexible!

I don't have to do too much to try to save my sanity at supper time, but Emily's not all that active and certainly not underfoot yet. At times, she has been known to sit in her Bumbo on the counter and watch while I make dinner. That's always fun!

That's about it.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

I saw your link from "Save the Phillips Family" and I just ahd to say that I really like your idea of using a calendar to keep up with meals. I hadn't thought of that.

Phillips Family said...

Thanks for participating in my blog carnival!

I like the calendar idea...great way to cut down on the stress of knowing what to fix for dinner each night.