Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random pictures

I've been labeling and organizing pictures (finally!) and found some I wanted to share. Enjoy!
June 11, 2008--the first time Phillip touched Emily
June 15, 2008--thanks, Jenni!
June 22, 2008-the gravestone of my grandmother
June 25, 2008-Granddaddy (my granddad) holding Emily
June 28, 2008-the elephant was mine as a baby

July 4, 2008

November 13, 1978-Heather at 2 days old

July 4, 2008-Emily at 3 weeks, 2 days old

August 3, 2008


Lana said...

I really like the picture of Emily on Heather's knees! I laughed out loud!

Jenni said...

me too!!!

Heather said...

She was just getting in her tummy time!

Josie said...

Thanks for sharing those Heather! Emily is just so sweet. Hope that you are enjoying your time at home with her. Keep cool!