Monday, August 11, 2008

Two months and more

These videos were taken about a month ago, but I just found them. Enjoy! Oso certainly entertained us on our Fourth of July get-together!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we had pictures taken. Well, now they're up on a website. If you'd like to see them, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you the web address. The web site will expire on 8/21/08.


Jenni said...

so glad I get to see that cutie tomorrow!!

Josie said...

Good morning Heather! Hope that you are not still so hot in the Texas sun! Baby girl just gets cuter by the day. Praying for your mom this morning. Less than two weeks left of summer vacation and then back to the classroom. I'm just a little sad about that! Michigan weather is absolutely sweet lately, makes biking and kayaking so fun. Enjoy your summer. I'd love to see the pics that you had taken of the princess and her people.
jkm96b at yahoo dot com


beckyp said...

Send me the picture site, Heather!

Cara said...

Of course I want to see those pictures!

Anonymous said...

I would like your picture sight. Emily is really cute! Hope to see her sometimes. Web address: