Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Wednesday night was one of Emily’s biggest accomplishments...she slept through the night!! She’s done it 3 nights in a row now, but I am a realist...I know it could stop at any time!

(Thanks to Teresa Smith for this wonderful picture!)
Friday night was the first home scrimmage against Rising Star. I’d never been to a scrimmage (much less one for 6-man football!) so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The first string offense for Rising Star went out first and they played 20 or so plays. If they scored, great. If not, no big deal...there’s no score kept at these scrimmages. Then, Panther Creek’s first string offense went out and did the same thing. Then, the Rising Star second string. Then the Panther Creek second string. Then the first strings went out again. Emily and I left after about two hours when the PC second string was still out.

Today was a busy day! Phillip and I decided to have a back to school dinner for all the teachers so we could meet them all and to start off the year on a good note. (Yes, he’s met them all this week, but I haven’t met them all yet.) So, he had to go up to school to meet Big O from Big O’s Restaurant (in Valera) to get the food. When he got back, he trimmed the ivy and morning glories that had taken over our sidewalk (wish I'd taken a before and after picture!) and I planted the calla lilies that Cara brought me when Emily was born and some cosmos seeds that a student had given Phillip at some point. Hopefully, they will grow!
We put up a new light fixture out front and plan to put up one in the back too, but were too hot after the first one. We'll have to do that another day.
As we were doing that, Emily was busy too...she started sucking her thumb on her own! I’m so proud of her!
We also replaced the thermostat with an electronic one so we could set programs on it. That went surprisingly well, considering our last attempt at replacing a thermostat.
In order to do all that, we had to turn off the electricity. Since our breaker box had not been properly labeled, we just turned off all the electricity until after the thermostat. Then, we tested and labeled each breaker. Now, if only we could get the electricity in the carport and storage room to work–they weren’t on any breaker!
Pretty boring post, but it's also been awhile since I wrote and I know everyone just wants to know what's going on (and see pictures of Emily!). Also...a shout out to's his 96th birthday today!


Jenni said...

both of those pics of emily are just great! she is growing up so much already!!

so, how did the dinner go?

Lana said...

Love those pictures -- so cute! Of course, thumb-sucking babies are so wonderful -- glad she figured it out.
Emily may have included the front porch & plants in her tour of the house in June -- if you want "before" pix.

Shaunna said...

Cute pictures!!

Yay for sleeping through the night!
(Unfortunately Addilyn has started waking up again....Boo!) Enjoy the sleep while you can!!

Lauren said...

Hey, I have some canna plants that used to be at grandmommy and granddaddy's house in Granbury. If you have a place for some and you would like some, I will share. They spread like crazy!