Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacations, part 3

Last week, Phillip had a Principal's Retreat in Kerrville. We decided to make a weekend out of it and have a little fun while we were in the beautiful hill country.

Emily explored her surroundings as usual!

She had a few fun baths.

She looked so grown up in the chair (which she climbed into by herself, but usually needed help getting down).

We visited the Kerr County Market Days at the courthouse parking lot and came away with a few items--some bows for Emily, a picture for us (we collect pictures on our trips) and a bank for Emily.

Then, we found an antique store a block or so away and went in there. We're always looking for a two-drawer oak card catalog (3x5 card size). But, what we came away with (other than a few pieces of Tupperware!) was this. As each of us saw it, we commented on how much we liked it. It reminds me of an old kitchen cabinet that was my great-grandmother's. (My mom has it now.)

We went through Fredericksburg on our way home. Last year, we visited Wildseed Farms and had a blast. Emily didn't care last year, but this year, she loved seeing the butterflies and flowers. Some of these flowers will probably go up in her room to replace the ones I took last year.

I'm sure you got way more about our vacations than you really wanted, but maybe it'll give you some ideas for your next vacation!


Lauren said...

Love the picture of Emily sitting in the chair with her hair up - too cute!

Lana said...

Great pictures! Glad to see them -- and y'all!

Jenni said...

The pic of E with her ponytail and bow is just too cute!!! Hope your cabinet made it home yesterday in one piece and dry!!

Cara said...

Love the bow!!

Bethany said...

Emily is HUGE! What a beautiful little girl.