Wednesday, August 12, 2009

14 months

Yes, I realize this is a little late, but at least I got it up.

At 14 months, Emily can sign "more," "hungry," "drink," and "all done" and wave "bye." She's learning to climb and learning that when you stand on something, you can reach higher. (Boo!) She loves all foods and has no particular preferences. She still goes to bed easily, but is starting to fight afternoon naps. (Again, boo!) She's extremely curious (always has been) and wants to know what's going on. She's starting to giggle more and more, which we love!!!
Happy 14 months, Emily!


Lana said...

I recognize those overalls! Glad they fit!

Jenni said...

love that sweetie pie!!

the Whitelaws said...

Ah, approaching the end of two naps - hard. But, also good in a way. It opened up lots of things we could do in the mornings. When Jenna went to just one nap, I was horrified when it was just one hour (or less sometimes). I wish someone would have told me that it eventually gets longer. So, now I'm telling you. If at first the one nap is too short, just wait awhile. Now Jenna sleeps about 2 hours in the afternoon (sometimes 3).