Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last weekend, we were blessed to have Kevin, Kellie & Jake visit us. They were our first non-family guests and it was a blast!
Emily loved Jake (7 months) and was so loving with him (notice her arm around him in the first picture). (She's giving him a hug in the next picture, not trying to tackle him.)

We gave them the "grand" tour of Panther Creek CISD. The school's not actually that big, but it took us about an hour to give the full tour.

Emily & Jake had fun in the bathtub.

And fun in the pool!

Emily fell in love with Kevin and climbed in his lap over and over.

Kellie loving on Emily

Phillip and Jake chillin'

Emily was so worn out that when my parents came Sunday night, she just sat in Grandpa's lap and cuddled!

Thanks for coming guys!


Lana said...

Love all the pictures!

Cara said...

The babies look like they are the same size!