Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacations, part 2

Our second vacation was to Platoro and Bayfield, Colorado.
Lunch at Spanky's in Lubbock on the way up. Yummy food, especially the fried cheese!

Across the street from our hotel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico was a playground. We took full advantage of it!

Emily's traveling companions

The first night we got to Platoro, we fished (just outside the back of our cabin!). It's a good thing we did because they started letting water out of the dam and the river rose about 3 feet (maybe more) so we couldn't fish in the river the rest of the time we were there!

This bridge has been there at least 30 years (probably more!). We have pictures of Jenni and my dad on it from their trip 30 years ago.

Emily had her first big bathtub baths on the trip. The first one (in Santa Rosa) was terrible, but once I got in the tub with her in Platoro, she was fine.

The front of our cabin at Conejos Cabins. It's a good thing Daddy doesn't mind driving a trailer!

Emily got lots of Aunt Jenni time!
A family photo

Papa became a jungle gym!

A beautiful view of Mix Lake, where we fished quite a bit

Emily napped while the rest of us fished.

That big white "thing" behind us? Snow!

Behind me and Emily is the outlet for the dam. They had to release water from the lake because they had gotten so much rain recently. That's why we couldn't fish in the river. We've been there before where you could almost walk into the pipes (if you could get to them) because so little water was being let out.
This was actually our second entrance into Colorado. On our first entrance either Emily was asleep or there wasn't a sign (I can't remember). When we left Platoro to go to Bayfield, we went through New Mexico and re-entered Colorado.

Mom's cousin, Stephanie, and her husband Lee live in Bayfield and have several horses. Emily got to pet and "ride" Filene. Emily even stuck her hand up Filene's nose. Gross!

Emily's (and my) first ATV ride. I held on so tight!
Emily's never really been in grass before. What we have here doesn't exactly qualify as grass, it's more weeds. So, to see her in lush, green grass was fun. She just played with it and tried to figure out what it was.
Fortunately, Jessica is an old dog who doesn't mind kids! Emily just loved on her for a long time!
At our cabin in Bayfield, Emily became fascinated with zippers and got to play with all the zippers on Grandpa & Pearlie's suitcase.
Emily did not sleep well on the trip (any night of the trip). One morning in Bayfield, she woke up especially early and I brought her back to bed with me (something I never do). She fell hard asleep and when I got up to get ready, she was still asleep. I put pillows around her so she wouldn't roll off and she continued to sleep!

One day, we rode the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Rail Road from Durango to Silverton. Lots of fun. Emily slept the first hour of the trip, then was happy for an hour then got fussy for the rest of the time (about an hour). The train ride was beautiful though and the weather in Silverton was great!

Our brakeman-in-training
Pearlie, Stephanie, me, Phillip & Emily

Our lunch stop in Silverton...yummy!

Our dinner stop in Durango. A little pricey, but Emily took care of that. She managed to "steal" a spoon without us knowing!

Back in Abilene, we went to Belle's Chicken Dinner House for our last vacation meal. Emily got to do the Hokey Pokey with our waitress.

It was a great vacation and I can't wait to see where next year takes us.


Jenni said...

fun to see it all again! great wrap-up

Lauren said...

Colorado is always fun! I think we are going to Tenn. next summer. Our babies will be huge by then!

Lana said...

Great job putting the pictures up! It was so much fun!

Cara said...

I remember taking baths with my boys when they were little! I also love the Silverton train!