Friday, January 30, 2009


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When we moved in, the house had an interesting feature. (Ok, it has lots of interesting features, but I'm really focusing on one for now.) You can see on the left side of this picture (isn't Emily tiny and cute!) the "bar."

Once we figured out how to get the faucet off (since we weren't going to use it), I thought this would be the perfect place for my recipes and cookbooks. We put a piece of plywood over the sink and the recipes (and picnic basket) have been here since the beginning.

After measuring and several trips to Lowe's to figure out what would work best, we decided on adjustable track shelves. Sometime before Christmas, I had Phillip cut the shelves, but since the Christmas tree was in the way, I had to wait until later to put them up. That was one of my projects this week. I knew it wouldn't take long and, with the right help (see below), it didn't.

Here are the finished shelves with the cookbooks on them. I still need to go through them and organize the loose recipes, but that's for another day!

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Jenni said...

and isn't she such a good little helper!!!

those shelves would even work if someone wanted to convert that back to a bar in the future. good job!!