Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As I've been putting away my Christmas ornaments (yes, I'm just getting to it), I realized that my family has done something that most people don't. Every year, my parents would let me and my sister pick out an ornament. We would also each get an ornament from our grandparents. I know that's not out of the ordinary. However, my mom (or grandmother) would always date them. Now, we can look back and see just when it was that we got each ornament.

What made me think about this (and how unusual it is), is that my cousin's wife had asked if we knew when we got each ornament. I didn't think too much about it, but made a list of the "grandparent" ornaments as I decorated the tree. When all was said and done, there were only four years (out of 30) that I couldn't account for. As I was putting away the ornaments today, I was on the look-out for ornaments for those years. I came across one that didn't have a date on it, but thought it might be from my grandparents. So, I asked my other cousin, Lauren, for her help. She said she remembered the ornament, but had no idea what year it was from. I guess we're the only ones who dated all our ornaments!

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Jim said...

We probably have Christmas pictures of all of them.

Edi said...

I also write the date on the ornaments for our 2 kids :) As well - when I wrap up the "special" ornaments I put them in individual small ziplock bags and write on it something like "Glass snowman - 2005" and which child it belongs to...or "handmade ornament from Momo". Partly it's for me to remember - and then also for the kids. I love the idea of the children having a special collection of ornaments to take with them when they eventually move out.

Shaunna said...

My Mema & Pepa have given all their grandkids ornaments every year...They're all dated! I have all 25 of them:) Addi got her first ornament from them this year...Such a special tradition!

Lana said...

Glad you could account for all of them. I looked for pictures & didn't find any!

Great idea, Edi, of putting them in bags with more info about them. The kids taking the ornaments when they move out certainly makes for a bare tree! I wonder each year: what about "that" ornament - oh yeah, that went with J or H!

Cara said...

We also date our ornaments the boys get every year. It is very helpfun when you have 3 baby boy's first Christmas ones - you can tell who's is who's.