Sunday, January 11, 2009

7 months

As everyone says, where did the time go? Emily can now sit up for long periods of time, get where she wants to go by army crawling, eat rice & oatmeal cereals, be okay in the nursery at church and just generally be a happy baby. This week she's had a few fussy days, but for the most part, she's happy all the time (unless she's hungry or sleepy). I know, you all wish you had a kid like her!


Jenni said...

she's riding Mr. Snuggles all by herself now!!! hope she gets a good night's sleep....I'm sad we didn't get to talk today, but I'm counting the days until she comes to visit!!!

Mandi said...

Your Emily is absolutely adorable! (As if you needed anyone to tell you that!) I love the way you do weekly pictures. I tried that but only lasted a few weeks and I would forget to do it. So we decided to just do monthly pictures for now (Hadley's about to be 2 months!). Thanks for the encouragement about leaving your baby in the nursery...the daycare thing is getting a little better each day!