Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moby Wrap

If you have a small child (like under 35 pounds) and don't have one, go get one! I had been using a Baby Bjorn for the past 6 months and, while it does its duty (especially in NYC with Emily's snowbear outfit and over heavy coats!), the Moby Wrap is amazing. Phillip and I went on a walk tonight for about 35 minutes. We went approximately a mile and a half. When using the Baby Bjorn, I could never have gone that far. I know I was carrying 14.5 pounds more that my normal weight, but I could hardly tell! My shoulders never hurt, my back never hurt and Emily enjoyed it (though I think she'll be facing out from now on!).

P.S. Thanks to Granddaddy for this great Christmas gift!


Lana said...

I'm glad it worked! But that picture's not of Emily or you!

Jenni said...

yay!!!!! so glad it worked for you!!!

Cara said...

That's good to know! Not that I need one soon!!!