Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our story, part 3

Mary over at Owlhaven is challenging her readers to tell their Love Stories for October. Since this was something I'd been meaning to write down and get into our wedding album for three years now, I figured this was just the motivation I needed. I don't want to overwhelm you (it's kind of long), so I'll put it up in installments. Here's the part 3 of our story! (See part 1 here and part 2 here.) (Yes, I know it's now November, but I started late in October and there was just more to tell than I could fit in October!)

By Phillip’s birthday (May 9), we had decided that we would be getting married one day. We didn’t know when, but we knew that each was “the one.” On May 20, Phillip told me he loved me. It was the best feeling in the world.

Memorial Day 2004...Phillip finally met my parents. We had a picnic (of hot ham & cheese sandwiches) in the park before watching a concert by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in the park. Everyone seemed to like each other, which was very fortunate!

We had talked enough about getting married that we knew we needed to go ring shopping at some point. June 26 was the day. We went to several different jewelry shops and “celebrated” by going to Steak n Shake. We had a lot of fun that day!

July 2004, I went to Branson, Missouri, with my family. The week apart was miserable, but we did get to talk on the phone a couple times and we gave each other gifts to be opened each day. He gave me cards and I gave him pieces of a puzzle I had made.

Part 4 to come later!

(If you choose to participate, leave a comment below so we can all read your story!)

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