Thursday, November 6, 2008

Country life

Tonight there is a junior high football game in Cherokee, located about 2 hours away. Due to the distance, Emily and I decided to stay home and just let Phillip go. He was planning to ride the bus down there with the kids and they were leaving at 2:30. Or so they thought.

Phillip got on the bus and was deciding which seat to sit in, behind the driver or the seat across the aisle from the driver. He, wisely, chose the seat behind the driver because the sun would be coming in on the other side. Just as he was sitting down, something spooked the racoon that was sleeping on the floor of the other seat he was considering. Yes, that's right...a racoon! The bus mechanic had a pellet gun and shot it, but unfortunately, a good amount of the racoon's blood ended up on Phillip's leg because the racoon was just about to go up Phillip's leg. So, when Phillip came in about 3:10 with blood on the leg of his pants, I was shocked, to say the least. First, he was supposed to already be gone. Second, there's blood all over his pants! Everything ended well (for everyone except the racoon, I guess), although they didn't leave until about 3:15. The pants are now in the washer and I think all the blood came out!

Exciting times out in God's country!


Jenni said...

oh my!!! wonder how many more adventures you will have living in the country??

just keep those 'coons outside your house!

Lana said...

WOW!! Glad the guy didn't shoot Phillip in the leg!