Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday & 24 Weeks

Every Wednesday, Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer does a post called Works for Me Wednesday. I've always wanted to post something, but have a hard time coming up with something. As I was packing today, I thought of what I should post.

I don't remember when I started doing this (probably sometime in middle school or high school), but I have a master packing list for me, Phillip and Emily. It has evolved over time and I also have one for things I need to do in the house or with Oso to get ready to leave. I really only use it when we're going for a long trip (for me and Phillip, anyway), but it is so helpful in not forgetting the important things, like underwear. (Yes, even I forget to pack that sometimes!) I use Emily's every time because, although we've travelled with her quite a bit already, there are still some things I would forget every time! The other benefit is that when we're going on a big trip (like New York and Tennessee at the end of December), I can print out the list and start adding things as I think of them. And, one day, when I get my household notebook up and going (thanks for the reminder Lynley!), it will go in there.

Anyway, that's what works for me. Hope it can help someone else!

By the way, here's Emily's week picture for this week.


Cara said...

I love packing lists! Then later when you have 3 little ones crawling all over you while you are trying to pack, you'll still end up with underwear and diapers!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I am always making packing lists when we travel, but I love your idea of saving a master - great idea!

What a sweet picture of Emily!

JoAnn said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heather! May God continue to bless your sweet family this year.