Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun (but busy) weekend

This weekend was fun, but very busy, with lots of driving.

Friday night we met Cara & Justin for dinner at i Fratelli. Wonderful food!!!

Saturday morning, after taking Phillip's truck in for an oil change, Phillip and I volunteered at Skillman's first Angel Food Ministries distribution. Because it was our first distribution, we learned some things, and they were appreciative of Phillip's & my input since we've been customers at two different locations before Skillman.

Then, we spent some time at Target adding things to our registry and doing a bit of grocery shopping. (We were already there, so why not?)

We came home to unload the Angel Food that we had ordered and eat lunch. Then we were off again. We went to Babies R Us to buy the Pack 'n Play that Phillip's parents and grandparents are giving us. Since it was temporarily unavailable online, we just went to the store to buy it and saved on shipping. Now that's sitting in the box in the nursery just waiting to be put together. Yes, Phillip, it does require assembly!

We picked up Phillip's truck then headed home for a bit of rest before driving to Keller for Zachary's birthday party. He turned 2 last week so we went to a great park to hang out and have cupcakes and visit with Cara & Justin (yes, again) and their families. It was a good thing we didn't do dinner with anyone that night because we didn't get home until 7:45!! Fortunately, we'd had pizza at the park so we weren't starving when we got home.

Yesterday was church as usual then lunch at Jenni's with my cousin Blake, Lianne & Andrew (what a cutie!). The spaghetti was wonderful. I may have to use that for one of our elder dinners!

Phillip had gotten an email yesterday morning from Circuit City and some of their camcorders were on sale (online only, we discovered) so on the way home, we went by just to see and hold the ones we had picked out. Comparing them in the store, we decided which one we wanted so we went home to order it. As we were ordering it, we found that they have free in-store pick up. So, we placed our order then headed back to Circuit City to pick it up! But, by doing that, we were able to save almost $200!!! So, we have a new toy, a Sony Handycam DCR-SR42.

Finally, we got to rest for the evening. I got to sew on our Christmas tree skirt (my goal is to have it finished by Christmas...we'll see how close I get!) and walk on the treadmill and just spend some time at home with my sweetie!


Lana said...

Hasn't Phillip learned yet that almost everything involves "some assembly"? Especially all the stuff for kids! Enjoy your new toys!

Heather said...

I think he's about to start learning!!

Cara said...

We had such a good weekend getting to catch up with you guys! Thanks for coming!