Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cloth diapers

When we found out I was pregnant (and maybe even before), Phillip and I talked about using cloth diapers for at least part of the time. What we're planning to do is use them at home and use disposables when we're out and about (and traveling) for the sake of convenience and not having to carry around dirty diapers. I had done some research online and found out that there was WAY too much information about cloth diapers out there. Someone suggested that there was a store in the metroplex so I looked and, sure enough, there are two!

We went to Babies Bottoms and More in Farmers Branch today to find out more information. I had done a lot of research and kind of knew what options there were, but Phillip didn't know anything about them, so we asked Diana to go through everything. She spent about 30 minutes with us showing us the different options we had and helping us decide what we needed to buy. We decided that, for our newborn, we would use prefolds and diaper covers. Later on, we can use the prefolds in a pocket diaper for more absorbency. (And, yes, much farther down the line, we can use them as dust my mom still does to this day!) So, we purchased 24 prefold diapers and 4 covers, enough for about 2 days if cloth diapering full time. We may buy more in the future, but I know I can get them used online as well. We're excited about this and it was actually less expensive than we were planning so that's even better!


Lana said...

So are these prefolded diapers like the old-timey ones I had that you can get anywhere? So can you register for them before your showers?

Teresa said...

We used the prefolded cloth diapers while at home, but we started using the disposable diapers at night. Jason slept much better while wearing the disposable diapers. I guess they were more absorbent, making them more comfortable. That was 21 years ago, and I STILL have some great dust clothes.

Cara said...

I love how cute the covers are!