Monday, March 31, 2008

The first girls weekend

My first of two this year! Cara and I had planned months ago to have a girls weekend or girls day this past weekend. (Phillip was in Houston at the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight so don't think I just left him at home by himself!) Then, about a month ago, I was offered a shower at my parents' church in Abilene. Naturally, I said yes...but this was the only weekend we could do it. So, to Abilene we went.

We spent much of Saturday looking through my baby clothes...the ones my mom had kept for the past 30 years. It was fun looking through them and remembering some of the people who had given those clothes to us. As we looked, we sorted what could possibly be used for a boy, should we have a boy. We found some, though, obviously, not as many as we found for a girl!

Sunday was the shower. My good friend Dianne and her husband Bobby own McKay's Bakery so guess who did the cake!

(yes, I know some of the pictures are duplicates, but you can't do just 5 pictures!)

Dianne also hosted the shower at her house and put on a wonderful party with some fun decorations!

And finally, guests and loot! Seriously, the shower was loads of fun.

Two of my favorite gifts were sentimental ones. I'll share them here, but have tissues ready. (Mom, you should probably stop reading here!)

Grandmommy, my mom's mom, passed away in August 2006. For many years she knitted afghans. Sometime before she died, she made baby afghans for her great-grandbabies who were yet to come. I only found out about them just a couple months ago. Mom took my stack of four up to Granddaddy and had him pick out which one he wanted to give this baby. Below is the blanket and the card. (Mom made the card, but Granddaddy wrote in it.) Needless to say, there were few dry eyes when I read the card in front of Granddaddy. We both miss her terribly, but as one woman said...Grandmommy already knows if it's a boy or a girl! (And, just so you know, my dad's dad and Phillip's paternal grandparents are up in heaven watching too so they're in on the secret too.)

The other gift is a matted picture of two special gifts.

When my mom was pregnant with my sister, Grandpa, my dad's dad, made a changing table for her. It was Jenni's changing table, then mine, then used as an entertainment center/storage shelves in my mom's study for years. When Jenni moved to Dallas, she brought it with her and used it as an entertainment center, extra storage in her bedroom, and finally storage shelves in her garage. When she found out I was pregnant, she offered it for its original use...a changing table. My parents graciously had it sanded and repainted for us for our baby.

(This is how it looked for Jenni's nursery. I don't have pictures of it redone yet.)

When Jenni was born, Grandmommy & Granddaddy purchased the crib that Jenni & I both used. Now that the next generation is here, Mom & Daddy also had this refinished (mostly to take care of the teeth marks that were so prevalent on the end!).

If you can still see the screen through your tears, I applaud you. I teared up as I wrote it!!


Jenni said...

I'll have to look at the pictures for real on your computer next weekend -- I can't get them to zoom in -- and with the colage, they are too small to really see what's what!

Lana said...

What a fun day -- and weekend! We are all truly blessed to have such a great, loving family.

JoAnn said...

Heather that was a sweet, sweet post! What a blessed baby already.