Wednesday, October 26, 2011

44 weeks & a Weekend Visit

I'm late in posting because we took a weekend trip.

 Friday night, we headed to Austin to visit our good friends, Kevin, Kellie & Jake. We arrived in time for spaghetti and garlic bread. Yummy! (Kellie went out of her way to make sure I had stuff to eat this weekend too!) We got the kids ready for bed and visited a little before heading to bed.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to a local garden center to look at their pumpkin display, petting zoo, bounce houses and, of course, candy. Emily enjoyed looking at the animals but wanted nothing to do with actually touching them. No biggie. Just means we didn't have to use hand sanitizer! Jake was fired up about the bounce houses. Guess who wasn't! Emily said she wanted to watch "him" in there. So, we stood off to the side and watched. After a little while of that, we went and picked out pumpkins to take home. Emily & Jake picked theirs out immediately. Easiest decision Emily's made in a long time!


We went to Cheddar's for lunch. It was beyond time for lunch and the kids (all three of them) let us know! We finally got some food in everyone (even me, though it was made a bit more difficult by the fact that Cheddar's doesn't have an allergen menu).

We headed home for naps and everyone crashed for a while! Then, it was time to play baseball in the front yard. Everyone had a great time and we got to see just how well Jake (at almost 3) can hit the ball!

The boys cooked fajitas for supper, then we carved the pumpkins. Having not done that since probably middle school and certainly never by myself, I let Phillip follow Kevin's lead on this. (I did take mental notes so we can do it next year though). The kids really enjoyed watching and helping when they could. They turned out great. (Yes, they actually got carved. Unfortunately, my camera battery died after this picture, so I'll have to get the rest from Kellie. I'll post the family picture we got with the pumpkins later.)

Sunday was church (where we saw one of our employees!) then lunch at Pei Wei (yea for Honey Seared Chicken being dairy-free!). The drive home was a bit longer than the drive down there. I think everyone was just ready to be home and was cranky because of it. But, we made it home and got settled and ready to hit the busy week ahead of us (amazingly, one of the busiest weeks we've had in a while!).

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