Sunday, October 16, 2011

42 & 43 weeks

I was informed this weekend that I didn't post a picture last week. I took it. Really, I did! See? Oh wait, I took it but you didn't see it!

Okay, enough of that. You've already heard that! In the last two weeks, Anna has tried blueberries & a mixed cereal containing oats, amaranth & quinoa. She absolutely loves blueberries, just like Emily did. I just wish they weren't so messy!

Last Thursday was the second time we've opened for Artwalk. After we decided we'd be doing this regularly, I knew Anna needed to have a Bogie's shirt like the rest of us. So, I bought a pink onesie and some iron-on transfer paper and made her one. Cute, huh?

Anna has figured out how to climb up the stairs from the playroom to the dining room without stopping on the edge to be proud of herself. Unfortunately, that means she'll climb on anything else too. This afternoon, she climbed on our footstool and on to the couch. Guess the footstool needs to go away!

For some time now, she's loved dancing to Emily's Sit n Spin. Here's a little of what I get to see each day!

As I was cleaning up my pictures this afternoon, I came across some pictures from a birthday party we went to a month ago. Apparently, I had taken a series of pictures of both girls, just for fun. Here are the results.


Jenni said...

cutie girls!! Anna is definitely a girl on the move! :-)

Kathylou said...

Anna looks like a really happy girl. Great dance moves.