Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Showing off...

I told you Lauren & I decorated a fun cake for MOPS. It turned out so cute! Here's a shot of it.


Not sure how Anna managed this, but I thought it was adorable!


Also, I was very happy today to find out that I placed 3rd with my white bread, 4th with my cornbread (behind my mom who placed 3rd with the same recipe!), and 5th with my dinner rolls at the West Texas Fair. A little disappointed that my strawberry bread and strawberry muffins didn't place, especially since I swapped the strawberry muffins for my blueberry muffins at the last minute. :-( But, at least I got a couple ribbons so far this year! (Have yet to find out what my sewing did!)


(Is anyone else having issues uploading pictures to Blogger? I can't do it from the web anymore. I have to do it through Picasa.)

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Jenni said...

Cute cake and baby!

I was able to post photos from Blogger this weekend, so I don't know what the issue might be. An old browser? The old Blogger interface (they recently updated it)?