Thursday, September 8, 2011

37 weeks, First Day of Preschool

I just realized today that, while I took Anna's picture on Monday, I never posted it. So, you get a double post today.

Not much has changed for Anna. She's still happy (most of the time) and loves being with me. When she's in a high chair, she thinks she must be fed. She doesn't like to just sit there (even with toys). She's starting to try to crawl on her knees, but still mostly rolls and scoots along army-crawling.

Emily started preschool today. She was excited to go and even let me take her picture (her choice of location). When we got to school, though, she didn't really want me to take her picture with her teachers. She got busy really quick with the magnadoodles so the teachers just gathered around her! I hope she's had a good day. I'll be picking her up soon and can't wait to hear all about it!

P.S. Emily had a great day, but, as expected, didn't talk much about it!


the Whitelaws said...

One of Emily's teachers (Mrs. Evans) was one of my best friends in high school!! How fun to see her picture on your blog! Tell her I said "Hi!"

Jenni said...

such a BIG girl!! glad she had a good first day.

Lauren said...

Good picture with the teachers (even if Miss E wasn't looking). I usually just settle for taking a quick picture of Reagan without teachers on the first day but then make a point to take a picture with them on the last day. That way she is way more comfortable with them. :)