Monday, September 19, 2011

9 months

Anna has been a bit clingy lately and I can only imagine it's because of 1) age and 2) teething. I hope this ends soon. I hate having the pager at church go off!

Tonight, she was a little sleepy at supper. She had broccoli, sweet potato & chicken and a banana. While eating the veggies, she started rubbing her eyes, leading to all of the above on her face. Then, I started feeding her a whole banana (as opposed to mushed up, like I usually do). Some came out of the mouth, as expected. Unfortunately for me, she decided that banana makes for good hair conditioner. Talk about a mess! She got a good wipe down right after supper and a good hair scrubbing during her bath.

(The picture doesn't really do it justice because the foods she decided to smear all over herself are about the same color as her! But, trust me, she was a mess!)

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