Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's official! (and 29 weeks)

We have an army-crawler! Anna started tonight and we got it on video. I'm sure she can't wait to show you all in person, but, for now, this will have to do.

She's still been eating cereal and pears & apples. We'll try sweet potatoes this week and see how that goes.

I was blessed this weekend to spend time with the new steering team for Highland MOPS and was very encouraged by a couple ladies. We had a meal Saturday night and I figured I'd just need to bring something for me to eat. These two ladies went and bought stuff specially so they could make part of the meal dairy free for me. If y'all are reading this, thank you!!! That meant so much to me.


Jenni said...

is that a big sigh from mom? guess your life just got a bit more complicated!! :-)

Heather said...

Oh, you heard that? :-) I just have to be more careful where I put her. She's not going anywhere fast, yet, but I really can't set her down by the laundry room now.

Jim said...

Sounds lie fun for vacation! More entertainment.

Jenni said...

you certainly don't want her to take a header into the brick step and down into the playroom!

(p.s. did you take a week pic?)