Sunday, July 3, 2011

28 weeks

This week, Anna has started eating pears. She seems to like them and they have had their, ahem, other side effect. I'm seeing more poopy diapers now than I have in a long time! :-) But, she seems to tolerate them well and I hope to keep trying new things this week. Perhaps applesauce and sweet potatoes. She's just eating solid foods once a day and we're slowly increasing how much she eats. Since we've seen how sensitive her tummy can be, I really don't want to overwhelm her so we're taking things very slowly.

She's starting to suck her thumb more often and doesn't always want her pacifier. I see this as a good thing because pacifiers are a nuisance!

She's not yet crawling (yea!), but she can roll and scoot a little to get where she wants to go. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to crawl. I'm just getting used to putting her on the floor!

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