Monday, June 6, 2011

23 & 24 weeks

I realized that I didn't post a picture last week. We were out of town and it slipped my mind, so you get 2 this week!

Anna is occasionally starting to suck her thumb to soothe herself. Yea!! If only it could be encouraged more! She's rolling both ways consistently and enjoys playing on her play mat for a little while at a time. She does still enjoy being in the Moby wrap and will sleep quite well there! I don't look forward to the day when she doesn't like it anymore!

What's been going on with us...well, trying to adjust to Emily not always taking naps. When she doesn't, bedtime is great, but the afternoon stinks. When she does, bedtime is horrible! I'll take any suggestions for making both afternoon and bedtime good! With a birthday coming up, I hope this transition doesn't take long. But, I sure will miss my afternoons of me-time!


Jenni said...

that sideways sitting grinning girl sure does look like her big sister!!

Heather said...

Amazing isn't it?

the Whitelaws said...

We've tried shortening nap by a little, say 30 min. Then making sure she gets lots of activity in the evening. Doesn't always work - we're having the same struggle right now.