Wednesday, May 25, 2011

22 weeks & a PSA

I know there are a couple of you who anxiously await a new picture every week. I take them. I do. I just forget to get them on the blog! Sorry about that.

Anyway, last Friday, I took Anna for a weight check. She's at 13 pounds now! She gained 2 pounds in a month; 3 in three months. Yea!! Her spitting up has decreased dramatically and is even better now that I've started giving her gas drops. (Could be that she's outgrowing it a bit too.)

This picture reminds me a bit of Emily. She LOVED chewing on the flag!

So, on to the PSA. One of my biggest pet peeves is car seats. I want parents to use them correctly so their kids are safe. Not too long ago, there was an article in the Abilene Reporter News that said that Safety City did car seat inspections. I was thrilled because I didn't think there was anywhere in town that did. However, I put off going to do it. Finally, I looked on their calendar and saw that they'd had an inspection day on May 9, but didn't see any others scheduled. So, I just emailed them. Jennifer was so nice and we scheduled for her to look at my car seats this morning.

She said mine looked of the best she'd seen (whew!). The only things she could tell me were to take down the mirror we have up to see Anna (can't see her very well anyway), check on the weight limits of the LATCH in my car (some only go up to 40 pounds, so we'd have to start using the seat belt at that point, if that's the case), and that, in Texas, car seats should be replaced every 5 years, due to the extreme heat.

So, if you've never had your car seat installation inspected, go do it! It just takes about 10 minutes and they are so helpful!

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Jenni said...

yay!! glad she is gaining!!! :-)