Tuesday, April 19, 2011

17 weeks/4 months

Here we are at Tuesday again...just now posting Anna's week picture. And, I'll be honest, I didn't even take it until today. But, I guess the important thing is that I'm taking them regularly. Four months means time for another doctor visit (Friday) and the beginning of our treks to Sears for pictures (Thursday). I hope we can get some good ones. The photographer I loved there is no longer there. Bummer!

We got out the Johnny Jump-up this week for Anna to try out. She, obviously, doesn't know what to do so she just hangs out and sucks on the side of it. Hopefully, she'll enjoy it. I also need to get out the Exersaucer, but just haven't had time yet. I think it will get lots of use!

Saturday was the 8AFOFEEH&HDP (8th Annual Families of Faith Easter Egg Hunt & Hot Dog Party, in case you didn't know!). We've been the last couple years and Emily really enjoys it. Anna had a great time, just hanging out and Emily loved finding the eggs. We've got another Easter Egg Hunt at Granddaddy's place this weekend and I'm sure Emily will have a blast there too.

I forgot to take pictures along the way with my Once a Month Cooking adventure last Saturday, but it went well. We now have about 20 meals plus 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce in the freezer. All I have to think about now is side dishes! Yea!


Jenni said...

your title says 18 wks, the sign on the photo says 17.....

E looks like she was having lots of fun!! I am definitely bringing my camera for the egg hunt on Saturday!

Megan said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Come back and visit again! :)

Your little girl is so cute! Love her smile :)