Sunday, April 24, 2011

18 weeks & Easter

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Yesterday, we headed to my granddad's place for an Easter Egg Hunt. As usual, the hunt was over in about 5 minutes. :-) Emily enjoyed looking for eggs and found quite a few. Don't tell her, but some of the candy in her basket today came from yesterday's hunt. :-)

This morning was a good service at church, followed by lunch at Rosa's and home to open Easter baskets and naps. Following naps, we had an egg hunt here at the house, just other kids! She loved it, but, just like last year, wanted to stop and open each egg as she found it. Sure makes the hunt longer!

Anna is so close to rolling from her back to her tummy, but still isn't quite there yet. And, while she's figured out how to take her pacifier out of her mouth, she can't always get it back in and still hasn't figured out that her thumbs are good for sucking on. :-( Hopefully, she'll figure that out soon!

We'll go to the doctor this week for her 4 month check up and I'll update stats next week.

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