Sunday, April 10, 2011

16 weeks

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Examining a seed pod from a live oak with Mrs. Nancy

Reading Good Night Moon with Mrs. Nancy (an elementary librarian!)

This weekend was the family retreat at church. Growing up, our family never went so I didn't really know anything about it. We decided that we wanted to try going this time. It's held at the HEB Foundation camps near Leakey. We had a good weekend and enjoyed getting to know some people better, but I think we'll wait until the girls are older to go again. The area is not especially toddler-friendly and we didn't really know enough people to just let Emily go play. We were all exhausted last night after chasing Emily around and dealing with the heat all day. Emily even asked to go to bed! She fell asleep in about 5 minutes! She and Anna both slept all night (for the first time in a few weeks). Yea! We made it home today, unloaded and are resting up for the busy week ahead.

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Jenni said...

looks like E found a new friend! love the kicked back look reading on the grass!