Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday wishes

It's so nice to be loved! This morning, I opened my email and found the following companies wishing me a happy birthday. (Okay, so I signed up for their emails and told them when to send me coupons for freebies, but still!)

Cold Stone Creamery
(free Like It creation)

Jason's Deli
($5 off--probably won't be using this one...I might get shot by my husband!)

Red Robin
(free Gourmet Burger)

(free Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity)

(free dessert)

Taco Bueno
(free cheesecake chimichangas--one of my favorites!)

Looks like we'll be eating out some in the next couple weeks!


Jenni said...

gotta love your birthday month!

krnleesmith said...

I did that a few months ago with Logan's, Denny's and some other restaurants around. I have got to try Red Robin. We don't have one close.